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Jul 2009
Secret Sherry Society
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Well, The Sherry Council of America has commissioned Seattle’s Creature Agency to develop a marketing campaign to draw the young ‘uns (“Generation Y“, “Millennials“, “The Obama Generation“, etc.) into the wonderful world of Sherry. 

It’s generally cringe-inducing when those of a previous generation try to speak to the next (“Let’s call it Olorizzle, Finizzle and Manzanizzle and then we’ll make up a ‘rap’ about it!”), but if it’s ANYTHING to help people wrap their heads around the sometimes-intimidating world of Sherry, then I say bring it!  I’ll be doing my own little song and dance in the next couple months, spreading the word about the stuff in seminars from VinoCamp at UBC to Cornucopia in Whistler, so any extra fodder is welcomed.

I’ve always been a fan of the excellent Sherry.org, but have to say that Creature did a fantastic job with the Secret Sherry Society and the marketing campaign involved therein…


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