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Apr 2010
“Never Mind The Bordeaux”
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Malcolm McLaren passed today.

A cultural icon for his performance art, managing the Sex Pistols, being a Hip Hop pioneer, influence on the masses and…wine guy?

Yup, it happened, and he wrote a piece for the New York Times Magazine on his experience:

Every day, the trainees were blindfolded and led to a spittoon. Here we were given test tubes of wine and asked to taste but not swallow. Blueface (as the general came to be known by us for the blue veins that ran across his face, like a gorgonzola) would then lecture us about the qualities each wine possessed, followed by the inevitable question: What did we think of it?

The first time this happened, we were tasting reds from Burgundy: “McLaren, tell us! What do you think of this wine?”

Blind, unable to assemble a coherent thought, I blurted out: “Yessir! Very nice. Deep . . . uh, rich, rich, very rich! Sweet, sweet.”

Read the whole thing here…

(And rest in peace, Sir.  Catch you ’round the outside, ’round the outside…)

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