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May 2012
Seriously Mulcair?
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NDP leader Thomas Mulcair played political games in the House of Commons yesterday, filibustering the opportunity to pass Dan Albas’ (C) Bill C-311 which would have allowed inter-provincial wine shipping in Canada. The post-Prohibition law remains, making it a federal offence to drive across any provincial border with a bottle of wine in your trunk, never mind having a winery ship you a case.

So much for the NDP supporting small business and being on the right side of history, in this case at least. As an NDP supporter who still has a heavy heart from Jack Layton’s passing, this is a pretty crushing turn of events. I simply don’t understand how this fits with the party’s mandate or philosophy.

From the Twittersphere:

Brad Cooper, Winemaker, Township 7: @ThomasMulcair What was the strategy in delaying Bill C-311? I understood there was all-party support. Interested in your POV

Bill Eggert, Winemaker/Owner, Fairview Cellars: All divisive issues C311 apparently had unanimous support until gamemanship got in the way. #freemygrapes @ThomasMulcair

Sandra Oldfield, Winemaker, Tinhorn Creek: @ThomasMulcair My MP Alex Atamanenko assured me there was NDP support for C-311. What is the deal? #freemygrapes

Mark Hicken has the scoop here…

UPDATE 4:15 P.M. – Looks like we just may get one more chance next week, this time because of the Liberals stepping in. Mark Hicken explains… MORE 4:30 P.M. – NDP now calling the move a mistake, unintentional.

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Lee said:

Mulcair is trying to fuel the east west divide and take Canada back to the Trudeau era when Quebec and Ontario Liberals ran the country, he is playing 1.0.1 politics in a 3.4.5 World, shame on him it has been said the filibuster was “unintentional”, great leadership qualities he and his whip have if their accidentally filibustered.

I hope Stornoway can’t get any BC wine for the foreseeable future.

BC wineries boycott Stornoway!!!!!!

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