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Aug 2012
Oh, To Be A Wine Writer
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A quirky personal essay from Scott Hutchins in today’s New York Times on his brief flirtation with being a wine writer:

He looked puzzled, but explained that his label was trying to build brand loyalty. A newsletter was a strategy to make purchasers identify as drinkers of his brand.

“I can tell you what I love to read,” I said. “Stories about the actual production of the wine. The grapes ripening in the field, the level of sugars in them, the assessment of when the time is to pick. We could follow the production of the wine from first flower to the grapes being crushed. Then the aging and the bottling.”

“Our customers have zero interest in production details.” He pressed his index finger to the table. “Zero.”

Read the whole thing here…

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Tom Collins said:

I can’t compete with Fitzgeral and I’m not a wine writer but I do write mysteries and my latest is “The Claret Murders”. Nancy at pullthatcork just wrote a review. You can read it by going to http://pullthatcork.com/reviews/the-claret-murders-a-mark-rollins-adventure/

The question is what happens to an extraordinary cache of old wines in a flood? Especially if some people think that wine is worth killing or dying for.

Thanks for your blog. You are never boring.

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