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Aug 2012
Wine Storage with Liberty
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A heads up for anyone looking for professional wine storage at a great price. Pull those dusty boxes from your much too warm and slightly too dry bedroom closet and give those bottles a fighting chance to age. I’ve just handed over some of my wine and I don’t think there’s a better price in town.

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4 Responses:

Shea said:


Wine Vault is better. Basically the same price but they include insurance over the wine (which is essential) and allow you to take out a single bottle at a time. They also offer inventory service for a fee and have often delivered wine to me on short notice, sometimes even on weekends. They also charge your CC – who uses cheques??

The one disadvantage is their initial intake charge of $10 per case I believe. If Liberty does not have this, then that is an advantage. However, it is very difficult to insure a wine collection. You will need your own special personalized insurance with an itemized list of your wine all signed off by your adjuster.

Shea said:

Also, what are you releasing them from? I would like to know the terms of any release before signing up for a service like this.

Jake said:

Hey Shea, I totally agree that Wine Vault is the most thorough and obvious stop for any serious wine collectors. For the application of getting a case or two out of your hair for a few months, I wanted to show another low priced options in the city (apart from Vault and 13C). Liberty has just started offering this service, so your concerns of insurance and the release form may still need to be properly worked out.

The Wine Vault has a $15 set up fee plus a ‘Handling/inventory’ of $6.50-10.50 per case. It’s $3.10 a case/month plus a mandatory 40 cent a case/month insurance charge. Their pickup service is a minimum $50 charge ($10/case). These costs stack up much higher than the $2.95/month, no setup fee and first month free from Liberty.

Again, I think it comes down to the application and picking a storage service to reflect that. My initial post was a comparison of the major storage services in Vancouver and what one case would cost you per year in each, but I ran out of time!

Shea said:

That’s true I forgot about some of those fees. The initial intake of my wine collection cost a lot. However, for long term storage of the bulk of my collection it has been great and having my inventory accessible online is useful. There are some glitches with Wine Vault as well, but overall I’ve been quite satisfied.

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